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Economics Assignment Sample

In the term of economic, the monopoly or monopolistic market indicates the existence of unique product with the seller and its powerful holding over the entire market. The determinants of demand and prices in the monopoly or monopolistic competitive market are not same as that of perfectly competitive market. In monopoly uniqueness of product, established setup and strong brand image, Government Regulations, exclusive licences, economics of scale operates as barrier to entry. It makes difficult for new comers to establish their foot print in the market or to have access to technology or innovation.

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Causes of global financial crisis (Davis, 2014)

The global financial crisis of the year 2008 was started in United States of America a scrawled its way throughout the world as world economies today stand to be highly globalised and all the countries depend on one another for their economic sustainability. The article below discusses the possible causes of the global financial crisis of 2008 and tries to answer the questions like whether global financial crisis could be repeated again.

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Sales Performance Analysis & Recommended Strategies

The report examines the business of BEMC, an event management company which deals in promoting and selling stand space at trade fairs as well tickets for visitors. The data includes the sources of income and expenses for BEMC during the first half of 2016. It is observed that BEMC earned a total income of 367,536 AUD while its expenses were 282,409 AUD giving a net profit of 85,127 AUD. The objective of the analysis is to cut down expenses and increase business turnover bringing more profitability to the company.

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Analysis of Hastings’s leadership style in context with Big Five Model for personality leadership:

Leadership and Strategy are the important determinants for the success of the business. Both are correlated with each other. One can define business as series of action to be taken to achieve the desired business goal. The business goal is the future desired position as highlighted by the vision statement. Management forms various strategies to achieve the visionary goal.

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Woolworths is the largest supermarket chain is Australia and New Zealand. Although there are tough competition in the retail market but the Woolworth has the major share of the retail market in Australia and New Zeeland. There are main four competitor Woolworths, Coles, Metcash, Aldi and others are small retailer in business. Australians are healthy food conscious.

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Income Tax Law &Practice Assignment

Negative gearing is a hot topic of conversation in Australia. It is the most talked about topic in the country as it is actually affecting the economy. It is defined as the excess of the expenses (depreciation, interest on loan, etc) over the incomes being earned from such property. TR 1995/33 states the clarity of definition on these two words as, when the investments are purchased, they may have several expenses attached to it such as depreciation which is written off over a period of time.

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Running head: Assessment Task Two

The patient in focus is a 27-Year-old female who made her third visit to the hospital. The patient was dressed in black leggings and a blue top with tattoos and piercings on the body when brought for care. The patient had pale eyes and exhibited signs of malnourishment. She had reasonable, logical and undisturbed thoughts. The patient did not have any hallucinations and was alert with good insights and precise orientation to person time and place. She was seeking medical attention because she had severe depression and had just attempted suicide.

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