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Role of Technology and Networks in Education

MyAssignmentHelpSG December 18, 2018

Today technology is everywhere and everything is being enhanced and improved by its capabilities. Some of these changes are that technology making a great impact on education. It has created a new process for students where they do not have to go anywhere or ask anyone for help. This was impossible to even dream about it a few years ago. The trend of technology plays an important role in teaching as well learning. It helps to clear concepts of students by using various E-learning concepts. It has become a vital part of the education industry and fulfils the need for modern-day learners.

Why online education is important?  

Students, who plan to study abroad, need proper planning so as to attain a decent score. Unlike other courses, just completing the documentation and paying the fees is not enough. There are many other processes that need to be checked in order to make a mark. The candidate needs to individually clear all the sections of the exam along with attaining an overall standard score. It is important to mention that there are many amazing online platforms that provide online coaching. It is designed exactly in a pattern that is similar to the main exam to make the user prepare well in advance.

Benefits of online education:

  • Clearing any exam requires knowledge of the high level of English as the score obtained in the exam is considered globally so, by taking management assignment help, economics assignment help, you would be able to assess yourself on these standards.
  • With the help of self-analysis as mentioned above, you can know about your strengths and weaknesses and hence you can work in the areas which require improvement.
  • Passing in all the four components with a good score, you need to improve your vocabulary and grammar.

Impact of technology and network in education

Online learning help teachers in providing knowledge through various techniques like videos, animated stories and various images. Below are various points that explain how technology has improved the level of education.

Affecting the teaching style

Online learning provides an interactive environment for students where they can discuss the problems with each other. The teachers can solve the doubts old students by showing them various online examples so that their doubts are cleared. The students are given the links of all the videos so that they can watch it whenever they face any problem.

Provides various tools

There are various tools which are used by teachers to improve the teaching methods. These tools not only improve the knowledge but make the topic more interesting for students. It becomes more of an interactive session than a boring lecture. Various tools used by professors are Edx, Coursera, and YouTube etc. With this, the role of the teachers also changes. They decide to let the students use the technology for various parts of the lesson.

Makes students more focus

By using technology students can maintain their interest level and the examples of various videos would help them remember the lesson. Some of the teachers opt for the old fashion teaching that is teaching in front of the blackboard, but they really need to change their mindset. This task would present a great challenge for them as it would help them to explore knowledge related to various topics.

Benefits of Online Learning

  • Flexible Schedules
  • Live interaction
  • Self-based learning
  • Affordable cost
  • Comfortable learning
  • Saves time
  • Student-tutor match
  • Independent learning
  • Motivation
  • Student and teacher attendance

The development of things like the projector, laptops, tablets all plays a major role in education. However, the main thing among all the technology advances is the introduction of the computer and projector in the classroom. If the student needs any explanation the lecture or the video can be stopped and the student can ask to rewind the part. Once the lecture is done the student can connect through Skype and call the respective subject teacher. Online classes help them to make various projects together where they are assigned the tasks through email and they do have to travel for submission. They can easily sit at their home and complete the project and send it to the respective teacher.

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